Jamjam was born from a love of luxury and comfort. With more time spent at home these days, we have created a lifestyle brand for women that brings style and fashion to loungewear and comfortable clothing.

The Jamjam collection is slowing fashion down with pieces inspired by our own lives and loves. Our goal is to design a collection of pieces that will become well worn favourites. Our all-female design team has created quality loungewear and clothing that you will want to reach for time and time again.

The thought of throwing on a single, beautiful piece and floating through the day with ease and style gives us life. Whether it’s a billowing blouse or breezy dress, we love clothing that you want to keep wearing when you get home. Or if we do get changed, it is into something equally comforting like a cheesecloth pyjama set in the softest fabric imaginable.

We hope that Jamjam will become your go-to label for stylish yet comfortable wardrobe solutions that you will cherish for seasons to come.

Jamjam is continually working towards giving back and becoming better global citizens. Our focus is on supporting and empowering women and girls around the world to create a brighter future for all.

We know our customer is thoughtful and carefully considers the impact of their purchases. With this in mind, we have partnered with i=Change to make a difference to the lives of women and girls. When you purchase from us, you have the option to support three different charities – Global Sisters, Thread Together and Women’s Community Shelters. Working locally and globally, these three important charities are changing lives by clothing the vulnerable and protecting and empowering our sisters.

Thread Together is a national initiative working to provide new clothing to those who need it most. They collaborate with other charities to access people in need, providing new, good quality clothing and shoes. Thread Together helps to restore dignity and hope for the vulnerable in our community.

Global Sisters empower women through self-employment and business development education. They provide essential support for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work.

Women’s Community Shelters provide direct relief to disadvantaged and homeless women. They work with communities to establish new shelters that offer short term emergency accommodation. These safe environments enable homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and reclaim their dignity to achieve control and regain their lives.