Whether you listen to podcasts for education, entertainment, or shock value, there’s one thing we know for sure - podcasts presented by women for women are by far the best. Podcasts are an amazing way for women to have their voices heard without interruption.

For listeners, having access to female lead media is a valuable resource. Finding presenters who you can relate to and learn from is essential. Whether you want to know more about music, politics, aging, or you just like a good laugh about idle gossip, we’ve listed our favourite Australian podcasts by women, for women.  

So throw on your comfiest PJs, snuggle up in bed, and listen to some of Australia's best female voices. 


Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills, otherwise known as Those Two Girls, began their Forty podcast the year they both hit that birthday milestone. Each episode sees the hilarious pair interview a prominent woman about their experience in this transformative decade.

Guests such as doctors, divorce experts, creatives, and media personalities, open their hearts and lives to share the wisdom they’ve garnered in their forty plus years of experience. You’ll laugh, cry, and most likely nod along to the truths and insight offered by both guests and hosts on this thoroughly entertaining podcast.


The Shameless Podcast is “for smart people who love dumb stuff”. Hosts Michelle and Zara take both deep and shallow dives into pop culture, Hollywood, influencers, reality tv, and anything else “we’re told we shouldn’t care about, but secretly do.”

With an audience comprised predominantly of Millennial and Gen-Z Australians, the team at Shameless also have a knack of engaging older listeners. Their light hearted look at all things trivial will have you laughing and even learning as they bring a little joy to your ears.

The Aging Project

TV personality and walking ray of sunshine, Shelley Craft hosts The Aging Project podcast. Founded by producer, Amanda Attwood, with fashion and beauty contributions by Leesa Maree, the podcast focuses on aging well.

Not content to just disappear into middle age, the women behind The Aging Project, provide a podcast that welcomes women in their forties and beyond wanting to make this life stage the best one yet. Providing inspiration for women of all generations to age with great health and style, The Aging Project is full of hopeful optimism, support, and empowerment.

Bang On

If you’ve spent any time listening to an ABC radio station, chances are you’re familiar with the voices of Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe. This impeccable pairing of music experts offer their hot take on the latest in music, art, life, and anything else grabbing their attention each week.

With a blend of entertainment, education, and humour, Bang On is a must listen for lovers of music, pop culture, and social commentary.

Ladies, We Need to Talk

Ladies, We Need to Talk, is an informative and entertaining podcast that covers the important topics we as women tend to avoid. Host Yumi Stynes leaves all shame and embarrassment at the door as she takes on subject matter likely to impact our lives at some point.

If you’re feeling the overwhelm of life, let Yumi tackle the hard parts as she opens the sealed section and reassures you that you’re not alone. Browse the extensive episode list to find the subjects that resonate most with you or simply go on a voyage of discovery and enlightenment with the full back catalogue.

March 01, 2022 — Capriosca Team