If there’s one thing isolation taught us, it’s the value of comfort home cooking. I for one baked a lot during 2020, invested in an air fryer in 2021, and am currently getting the itch to learn a new culinary skill in 2022.

While everyday cooking can become a tedious chore, there is something consistently satisfying about home baking. Aside from the obvious delicious taste and comfort food factor, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of making something so enjoyable from scratch.

We’ve all nailed our version of banana bread, and the more ambitious among us have tackled sourdough. So where to now for home baking? With the world beginning to open up, baking trends have taken a slight turn in 2022. So, let’s discover what’s instore for us this year.

Cinnamon buns

Nostalgic flavours like Cinnamon Buns are always on trend

Sustainability is the new sourdough

While the world is still experiencing the devastating effects of a global pandemic, there is a sense of hope and optimism weaving its way into everyday life. Less hedonistic, and more mindful, people across the planet are returning to normal life with an increased sense of consciousness.

There is a renewed focus on living a healthier lifestyle with an equal emphasis on the health of the planet. Sourcing sustainable food and ingredients has become increasingly important for consumers. Plant based, organic, and vegan goods are filling the shelves, not only at niche food stores, but also major supermarkets.

With sugar being such a key ingredient in many baked treats, it would seem an unlikely cooking style to “health up”. On the contrary, with so many ingredient alternatives now readily available, baking is ideal for creating healthier and more sustainable swaps for treats or every day.  

Vegan coconut syrup cake using sustainable and organic ingredients.

Sustainable baking is easy with readily available ingredient swaps

Fake it till you make it

Sourdough was a long game in 2020, and to be honest, time was something we had in abundance. Proofing dough for hours or days didn’t seem to bother us back then and we reaped the fluffy rewards all in good time.

We are now back in the land of instant gratification and quick fixes are once again a priority. Short cuts are no longer considered cheating, but an aid to effective time management. In the world of home baking, making recipes by using a store-bought treat as a base to create a whole new fare, has become not only acceptable but a whole new trend in baking.

Home bakers are transforming treats like biscuits, croissants, and crumpets into incredible desserts, slices, and updated versions of French toast. Ready-made doughs and batters, as well as packet cakes and mixes, have become a preferred way to start a recipe, saving time and money.

Even the humble supermarket mud cake has become an icon of home cheat baking, with endless hacks all over the internet.

Cheat muffins made with packet mix

Embrace cheat baking with packet mix cakes, muffins, and biscuits

Celebration time

Speaking of cakes, the positive shift in the global mood has resurrected celebration baking. People are starting to gather again to celebrate good times, with an emphasis on fun party bakes that can’t help but put smiles on the faces of revellers.

Baking celebration cakes and desserts with all the trimmings is the optimistic food trend we are loving the most in 2022. Edible confetti, sparkles, and glitter are commonplace on top of cupcakes, gateaux, and desserts. The more flamboyant the better.


Whether you're a sweet lover or prefer a savoury treat, home baking is a great way to indulge your edible desires. It's time to embrace a new baking trend and try your hand at something new in 2022. So why not grab a packet of sustainable cake mix, and cover it in edible glitter for a tasty good time. Bon appetit!


February 07, 2022 — Capriosca Team