Chances are you’ve bought yourself a few bohemian inspired pieces or perhaps your whole wardrobe is a celebration of colour, print, and texture taken from the boho fashion trend that swept back into our lives a decade ago.

Fear not, this trend isn’t going anywhere, but it is evolving into a more subtle take on the hippy aesthetic with boho fashion take a permanent position in our wardrobes for years to come.



The Hippy Revolution

Since the mid-20th century, bohemian style has always been in fashion, often circling around the edges of what’s on trend. The 60s and 70s saw a major style revolution with folks moving away from conservative and structured clothing and opting for a loose fitted and flowy aesthetic that mirrored their bohemian and hippy lifestyle.

Clothing represented another way for young people to break away from the restricted lives they were forced to live at that time. Protests against war and government control saw many rebel through fashion, music, and politics. The bohemian spirit was alive and well and fashion perfectly reflected this new feeling.


Modern Day Bohemian

These days, boho style is less about rebelling against restricted living conditions, and more about reflecting a relaxed and effortless lifestyle.

Because of this, coastal and rural areas often embrace the trend more than inner city and metropolitan regions. Locales such as Byron Bay and the Gold Coast house a plethora of boho clothing, homewares, and other lifestyle brands that embody the bohemian spirit.

Bohemian fashion trends have moved from the disaffected youth of the 1960s to any woman who enjoys wearing comfortable clothing in beautiful prints in 2021. The intention and expression are different, but the relaxed, peaceful vibe is the same.

The aesthetic has made its way into homewares and interiors, graphic design, children's wear and toys. Floral designers and wedding planners are utilising the trend in their industries to produce an undone, natural aesthetic for their clients. It's difficult to move through your day without seeing the influence of boho culture and fashion.


Low Impact, Slow Fashion

The boho fashion trend is often embraced by those with an eco-focused lifestyle.

Designers of bohemian clothing are usually conscious of the environmental impact of their production and distribution, choosing print-making techniques and fabrics that minimise their effect on the planet.

Boho clothing has moved from being a major trend to a timeless, everyday staple. For this reason, bohemian fashion is an ideal choice for slow shopping and conscious and thoughtful consumerism. Boho inspired fashion items remain in style for longer, reducing the need to constantly update your wardrobe.

Shop less, wear more.

Any fashion aesthetic that moves from trend to classic staple becomes an investment. Boho style is evolving into a wardrobe essential, with pieces you can wear and keep for seasons to come. Reselling bohemian pieces by well known designers can be quite lucrative, keeping the lifecycle of the items going for longer. 


Inclusive, Body Loving Fashion

Boho style is evolving with the changing shape of fashion inclusivity.

With many bohemian inspired pieces featuring loose fits and voluminous silhouettes, the trend suits many different shapes and sizes. It is the antithesis of body-con style, with our bodies comfortably hidden away from scrutiny or judgement. You can happily keep your gorgeous curves to yourself in boho clothing.

With inclusive designs and size ranges, boho clothing does not place restrictions on who can embrace and indulge in the trend. Bohemian fashion is available to everyone who loves relaxed and effortless pieces that work for every shape and size.


The New Bohemian

Like leopard print, bohemian fashion has cemented its position as a wardrobe staple. Moving away from the literal 70s influence of crochet, hippy accessories, and wearing the look from head to toe, the modern bohemian knows how to pay homage to the trend without overdoing it.

The new boho evolution sees us adopting the relaxed elements of the trend and working them in with our classic pieces. Look for flared leg lines, billowing sleeves, Indian block prints, and boho inspired jewels to add just a taste of bohemian flavour to your outfit. Effortless pieces such as a flowy boho dress worn with simple accessories will never go out of style.

Whatever your relationship with the boho aesthetic, feel rest assured you can wear your boho pieces with style for seasons to come. 

November 22, 2021 — Capriosca Team