Boho Clothing 

The elements of bohemian fashion are all about effortless style. While we are not ones for rules in fashion, there are central elements of bohemian style that are consistent through this easy to wear fashion genre. The basis of your boho look begins with a key piece. For us, we love a statement printed dress or billow sleeve blouse, then build our outfit from there. We look for natural fabrics, loose fits and beautiful prints in rich, gorgeous colours. 

green boho dress

Natural Fabrics

While you can still rock bohemian style in rayons, polyester and other man made fabrics, our favourite part of the boho life is seeking out beautiful soft cottons that barely touch the skin. Indian cotton is incredible to wear and lends itself to the voluminous cuts and loose fits of our romantic dresses and tops. This natural fibre wears even better over time as it softens and falls with effortless beauty. 

For those who are iron adverse, there’s no need to worry. Indian cotton looks just as good with a few little wrinkles as it does perfectly pressed. Simply hang your top or dress up as soon as you wash it and let it dry naturally into its own natural shape. 

Flowy Loose Fits

Bohemian style is anti-bodycon. Pieces are designed to fit loosely on the body rather than firm and snug. Dresses and blouses are still cut to give shape but skim over, rather than hug the body. While sleeves are often voluminous, they are either finished at a shorter length, cuffed or flared out to create a romantic feel. 

Dresses are usually full skirted with lots of volume and length. While they can be cinched in at the waist with a belt, we love to just let them free flow and swish in the breeze. The attraction to bohemian style is all about comfort, and nothing is more comfortable than a loose fitting dress in soft, lightweight fabric. 


Printed fabrics are the cornerstone of a great bohemian inspired outfit. Here at Jamjam our fabrics are block printed to give a unique handmade feel to each and every piece. Prints make light work of putting together a boho look as they take centre stage as a key feature. From there, it is easy to add simple basics or accessories to make the look your own.

Effortless styling

Styling your bohemian clothing is so easy. Unique, printed pieces will do most of the work for you. You just need to accessorise them to make the look your own. Even minimalists can do a boho look that works for them. Simply add small, delicate jewels or go all out with vintage market finds that channel the free loving 70s. Accessorise your pieces with treasures you already own to stay loyal to who you are. 

Vintage Market Finds

Thrifting and shopping second hand markets is not only a great way to style your outfits, but it perfectly represents the bohemian values of sustainability and reducing waste and consumption. Boho style draws its inspiration from the past, so what better way to find additions for your look, than from treasures of days gone by. 

Search for vintage leather, macrame and denim pieces to add even more boho goodness to your outfits. A well worn jacket with character can add personality and style to your pieces and you can be guaranteed that your look will be unique to you. Bags, belts, hats and scarves are also great items to look for when browsing second hand stores and markets. 


The beauty of wearing printed, bohemian clothing is that it does most of the styling work for you. Balloon sleeves, Indian block prints, and lots of voluminous fabric take centre stage so you can add just a little or a lot. Simply style your romantic top or dress with your own jewellery items to make the look uniquely yours. Or fully embrace bohemian style with drippings of semi precious stones, layers of fine chains or bold, statement earrings and rings. 


Shoes can make an outfit your own. Easily take your boho outfit from day to night by swapping out a strappy, flat sandal with a heel or wedge for an evening event. You can play with different looks just by changing what’s on your feet. Sandals, wedges, boots and block heels all fit in with the bohemian aesthetic. Even a cute pair of retro inspired sneakers can pull your outfit together to give a relaxed feel to your daytime look. 

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September 24, 2021 — Capriosca Team