Self-care is meant to be something positive we do for ourselves, but in the same way that new years resolutions can make us feel pressured to be perfect, so too can the stress of doing self-care "right".

The best thing you can do for your physical and mental health at the start of each year is to be true to yourself. I’m not talking about the new-age kind of “true to yourself”, I mean brutal honesty and owning your limitations.

For example, are you the kind of person who buys colour coded diaries and planners each year with the intention of being organised, only to find yourself turfing them into the recycling bin weeks later and feeling like a failure? Me too!

Save yourself the disappointment and just own your disorganised, flighty nature. You’re probably a spontaneous and joyful firecracker when you’re being yourself, so go with it.

If you do aspire to lofty organisation goals, or any other grand ambitions, take manageable baby steps. This is the same for self-care. Instead of expecting yourself to write your life story, learn a new language, or meditate until you transcend your physical body, take self-care baby steps, and simplify your way to calm.

Here, we’ve taken some common self-care tips and made them easier to achieve with your busy lifestyle and let’s be honest, your limited attention span. 

Bubble Bath

While this sounds delightful and easy to do, not everyone has a bathtub or the patience to sit for long periods of time in bubbly water. I personally last about 5 minutes. The bubbles have disappeared, the water is getting cold, and my book is wet. I also feel a bit gross from bath water and end up having a shower anyway.

So why not skip the bath and enjoy the warm flowing water from the shower head. Treat yourself to an aromatic, multi-sensory experience with an indulgent shower gel, scrub, and body oil. Keep these products exclusively for your weekly “special shower” so they feel like a rare treat. 

Read a Book

I love reading, but the thought of committing to one book and having to stick with it to the end can leave me a bit bored. Short stories are where it’s at for me, and there are some fabulous books out there that you can enjoy in bite size bits that leave you feeling satisfied in a shorter amount of time.

Brunette model sits in a courtyard reading a book wearing blue bohemian maxi dress

Get out in Nature

Who has time for a hike? Lucky you if you do. Nature is all around us and all of it is beautiful. Even if your closest thing to nature is a house plant on the balcony, that can be good enough. Fresh air + green leaves = nature. Done.

So “get out in nature” and enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony and appreciate your plant for giving you this moment of self-care.

Red haired model wears blue paisley robe. Brunette model wears blue paisley short sleeve pyjamas with shorts

Move your Body

You know how you signed up for those online workouts and never used them? Same. Guess what gets your heart racing and your steps up? Dancing. And you don’t need to go out to do it.

Make a playlist (or don’t if that’s too much) and feel the joy of your favourite songs as they inspire you to make shapes in your kitchen while you cook (or order Uber Eats). Self-care!

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While there is no wrong way to meditate, if you’re anything like me, you quickly give up as soon as your mind starts to wander about what you’re going to eat next etc. If you have trouble sitting still doing nothing, try focusing on doing something repetitive.

Crafts are a great way to subconsciously meditate. Buy some yarn and knitting needles and learn to knit. Having to focus on a new skill requires you to be in the moment without letting your mind wander.

Grab a diamond mosaic kit from an art shop gradually work towards completing it when you need a moment of mindfulness and meditation.

Get a Facial or Massage

While facials and massages are dreamy and indulgent, we can’t always fit them into our schedule or budget. It might seem basic, but a home facial can be just as pleasurable as going to a salon.

Sheet masks are the best things since sliced bread and can offer you a quick self-care moment as well as making your skin feel fresh and radiant. Similarly, a heat pack placed over your shoulder while you watch Netflix will have you feeling like you’ve had a little massage-y treat.

If you want the full skincare benefits of a facial at home, follow these simple steps – exfoliate, deep cleanse, hydrate. Use a scrub in the shower or an exfoliating wipe at the sink, then follow up with a 5 minute clay mask to deep clean and a sheet mask to finish. This will take you no more than half an hour and you don’t have to put pants on.

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Keep a Gratitude Journal

Practising gratitude is one of the best things you can do for self-care and leading a happier life. Committing to writing in a journal everyday can feel like a chore if it’s not your thing. Why not try a gratitude jar instead?

Grab any little bit of paper and when the mood strikes you, write a little something down that has brought you joy or that you feel grateful for. It can be just one word. 

When you’re feeling down, open your jar and read all the wonderful things that have happened in your life. This is a wonderful exercise to share with your family members or house mates to bring you closer together. Self-care!

Get Dressed Up

Or just don’t. Instead of bothering with stuffy clothes, invest in a luxurious pair of pyjamas and a robe. Of course we promote the benefits of gorgeous loungewear for comfort, sensory wellbeing, and self-care, because it really does work.

You can look great and feel fantastic in beautiful lounge and sleepwear to further enhance your self-care practices. 

While it can be wonderfully indulgent to spend time dressing up, doing your hair  and putting makeup on, it is just as beneficial to your wellbeing to not. Slipping into super soft PJs after a warm shower with freshly washed hair can be just as uplifting. 

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January 12, 2022 — Capriosca Team