While it might not officially be winter, we are getting set to snuggle down and prep our wardrobes for some cosy good times. Boho winter fashion is effortless and chic and easier to style than you might think.

With a major focus on sustainability, we want to wear our existing pieces as much as possible. We love boho fashion for summer but want to bring the styles through to the colder months. Winter boho fashion is comfortable, stylish, and timeless, with many options to shop and style with sustainability in mind.

Pull your bohemian inspired summer tops and dresses out of the wardrobe and get ready to wear them all year round. Let’s get creative and put together some fabulous winter boho looks.


Boho Winter Dress

Dresses are one of the easiest pieces to wear all year round. Our Jamjam boho cotton dresses are a breath of fresh air on a hot summer’s day but can be equally perfect for winter. With simple styling you can easily transform your summer dress into a stylish option for the cooler months.

Tights and knee-high boots will be your best fashion friends when taking your pieces through to winter. Whether you have a short or midi length dress, adding tights and boots will instantly transform them into a cute winter outfit.

From here, simply throw on a jacket and scarf to complete your look. Shorter jackets like a leather biker or classic denim jacket are fun and casual creating a fit and flare look with a defined waist and full skirt. Longer coats also look great with our dresses with hints of printed boho fabric peeking out from the hem.

Take the styling up a notch and have fun with hats, beanies, gloves, and belts. You’ll be surprised how many great boho winter outfits you can create by playing with outerwear and accessories you already own. Sustainability Queens!


Boho Winter Tops

The easiest way to style your summer boho tops for winter is by pairing them with jeans. You don’t need specific boho winter clothes when you have staples like denim, leather, or corduroy. The print and volume of the blouse will command most of the attention, so you can keep the rest of your outfit simple.

To elevate your outfit from a simple “top and jeans” add boho accessories. Drape a hand knitted scarf, add a slouchy cross body bag, and adorn yourself in chic bohemian inspired jewellery. Think oversized cocktail rings with semi-precious stones or statement earrings. Play with different looks from minimalist fine jewellery to loading yourself up with chunky or costume pieces.


We tend to invest more in winter accessories and outerwear, with many of our chosen pieces worn season after season. With thoughtfully selected jackets, knitwear, boots, and accessories, you can style many of your summer pieces for winter and enjoy a much larger and more exciting wardrobe. 

April 19, 2022 — Capriosca Team