Pyjamas are more than just random pieces of clothing you wear to bed. The right PJs and loungewear can actually help to protect your health and improve your sleep. From the way they feel physically to how they make us feel emotionally, a quality pair of pyjamas can improve both our sleep and our lives in general. When it comes to your wellbeing, it’s time to consider your PJs. 

Temperature Control

Quality sleep is essential to our ability to function day to day. Setting ourselves up for a good night’s sleep is the best way to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing. One of the most common disruptors of quality sleep is the temperature. It’s difficult to fall asleep if the temperature is too hot or too cold, so dressing to create the optimum comfort level is essential. 

Even when you do get the temp just right, disruptions through the night can leave us exposed to colder temperatures. Many of us who are active sleepers will often kick off our blankets and wake up freezing as a result. This not only interrupts our sleep cycles but the cold air can affect our immune systems, causing and prolonging ill health. Wearing the appropriate sleepwear can help maintain a comfortable and healthy temperature to keep us calm and content all night long. 

Wear breathable fabrics that will keep you warm without over heating. In cooler weather, keeping your feet warm and protected will help with your comfort, quality sleep and overall wellbeing. 

Relaxation and Stress Release

The clothing we choose helps to set the scene for our day or night. Not only does putting on our activewear prepare us physically for exercise, but it mentally tells us that we are about to get active and energetic. Pyjamas indicate it’s time for rest and relaxation encouraging quality sleep and relaxation time. 

During lockdown we reignited our love for comfortable loungewear and luxury pyjamas. Spending more time at home inspired the need to nest and relax in style. Working from home saw us hang up our tailored clothes and reach for something that evoked feelings of comfort and calmness in our new state of uncertainty. Stylish loungewear that could take us from our bed to the desk became the new must-have. 

Slipping into beautiful pyjamas immediately triggers our response to rest and relax. There is no better feeling than putting soft, clean pjs on a freshly bathed body, signally time to destress and unwind. 

Sensory Wellbeing

Fabrics can affect us both positively and negatively. Scratchy, sweaty fabrics that stick to the skin and don’t breath, can impact our wellbeing in negative ways. While some pyjamas and loungewear look good, unless they feel good too, they are not going to help us relax and settle for a good night of quality sleep. 

For some of us, our kinesthetic senses are heightened and how the fabric feels can be more important than how the pieces actually look. Soft, luxurious, breathable pyjamas make us feel nurtured and cocooned, while cheap, synthetic fabrics don’t allow us to fully relax into our desired sense of calm. It’s not enough to just look cute in our jammies, we need to feel sensational too. 

Self Esteem and Relationships

We love to make an effort with our outfits and appearance when we head out for the day. Our self esteem soars when we invest time into our look and love the image reflected in the mirror. Feeling good about ourselves at home is equally important and can help with our self image and confidence. We might not have a full face of makeup or an elaborate hair style, but our clothing choice for home can be chic and stylish, contributing to our feelings of self worth. We deserve to feel confident in all areas of our life, including time spent at home. 

Whether we live alone or share our home with others, the bedroom is not just a place for sleep. Our boudoir is also a safe and nurturing space for intimate relationships with ourselves and others. When we look and feel good, we are more open to giving and receiving love and positive vibes. For those of us who are primarily visual by nature, we appreciate style and effort made by our romantic partners and feel amazing and confident when we look good ourselves. 

Health and Hygiene

It’s unrealistic to expect us to wash our bedding everyday but we can prolong the cleanliness of our sheets by wearing pyjamas to bed. Our PJs collect sweat, dirt and impurities from our bodies, keeping our sheets and bedding fresher for longer. Laundering our sleepwear regularly is much easier than washing large volumes of bedding every day. Keeping a couple of pairs of quality pyjamas on rotation keeps our sleep space fresh and hygienic, promoting positive health and wellbeing.


If you want to keep your body and home healthy and happy, invest in a few pairs of quality pyjamas to look and feel sensational in.

November 15, 2021 — Capriosca Team